Talking Out Of Turn

Desert Tan Stainless Cold Cup

$39.95 you hear that? Is that...the sound of iced coffee swishing around in a Cold Cup?! Finally, the perfect cup for your iced coffee, or any other drink!! Perfect for your bedside-table-3am-ice-water craving because this Cold Cup stays cold for 8 HOURS! Need to take it on the run? The no-sweat design and secure lid makes sure your drink is safe and sound in your hands, on your desk, or in any cup holder. Sip Sip Hooray!!

- 3 Hours Hot

- 8 Hours Cold

- Powder Coated Finish

- No sweat design

- Push-on lid

- Fits in your cup holder (promise)

Globally minded and BPA free

Don't Microwave. Don't Freeze. Otherwise, Have fun!

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