Super Blossom 3 Step Facial


A deluxe at-home treatment, featuring 3 steps; a Rose Facial Scrub, Super Blossom Sheet Mask, and a Hibiscus Moisturizer creating a divine full facial from the comfort of your home.

Step one gently scrubs the skin with non-drying pH5.5 scrub, followed by step 2, our Super Blossom Sheet Mask, and finished off with a Hibiscus Moisturiser to hydrate.

Rose Facial Scrub

Non-drying pH5.5 scrub made with 10 flower extracts, crushed rose petals, and natural plant cellulose beads.

Super Blossom Sheet Mask

Natural biodegradable sheet mask, infused with 12 flowers and fruit extracts, triple hyaluronic acid, and electrolytes.

Hibiscus Moisturiser

Super hydrating Hibiscus moisturizer made with amino acids complex, sodium PCA, and saccharides.

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